BEST BUY and Explanatory TEAM UP!

Posted 1/1/16 by Sara Narducci
Best Buy and Explanatory

Best Buy and Explanatory

Our team was very excited to team up with the worlds leading electronic retailer BEST BUY® & our good friends at NETGEAR® to create in-store video marketing solutions! These videos will be played at over 1000 BEST BUY retail stores located in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

NETGEAR® Nighthawk® X8 (AC5300) WiFi Router| Animated Video

Posted 10/22/15 by Sara Narducci


Check out our latest animated video for NETGEAR’s “next wave in wifi”, the NETGEAR Nighthawk x8 AC5300 Smart WiFi Router.

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory Videos

Posted 9/8/15 by Sara Narducci

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory

Get actionable marketing insights from the world’s leading optimization experts.  Get your tickets for this event here!

This awesome networking event promises to have 25+ world-class marketing experts on-site to teach lessons about conversion rate optimization, copywriting, growth, design, email, PPC, lead GEN, and high-converting landing page campaigns.  With a great line up of speakers and any-thing-but-boring sessions, participants will be ready to hit the ground running with On-Line Marketing!

All Over Media Animated Video Production

Posted 8/2/15 by Sara Narducci

Check out our newest video for All Over Media!

Revenoa | New Animated Video

Posted 8/2/15 by Sara Narducci

Revenova TMS is a Multi-Modal Transportation Management System (TMS) for shippers, transportation brokers and 3PLs.  When the team at Revenova came to us for an animated explainer video we where very excited to get started!

Revenova wanted a video done in corporate animated style.  Check out the final render in the video above…

Nexsan| Animated Video

Posted 8/2/15 by Sara Narducci

Explanatory Videos recently finished production on an animated video for (Nexsan) a data storage system distributor.

The team at Nexsan needed an explainer video for an upcoming tradeshow.  Our creative experts quickly went to work…check out the finished video and let us know what you think in the comments section of this blog.

Explanatory Videos Wins 3 Telly Awards!

Posted 7/27/15 by Sara Narducci
Explanatory Videos wins 3 Telly Awards

Explanatory Videos wins 3 Telly Awards

We consider all of our animated videos at Explanatory Videos as winners but this year we are celebrating a new win! Honoring film and video productions, the Telly Awards has named 3 of Jackson Financial’s animated Explanatory Video WINNERS!  

All 3 videos where produced by our excellent creative team at Explanatory Videos!  We are honored and excited to be part of the Telly Award family!

Explanatory Demo Reel

Posted 6/13/15 by Sara Narducci

So far 2015 has been a really exciting year for!  Our creative team put together a slue of excellent animated videos for top companies around the world.  Check out our 2015 Demo Reel and see the possibilities for companies like yours – whether big or small!


We had the pleasure of working with NETGEAR® on multiple occasions, creating over 10 product videos each video crafted with it’s own look and feel.

Additionally, our expert creative team produced explainer videos for, IBM®CISCO Systems, Inc. , and the number 1 cloud service in the world…SalesForce.Com.

Case Study | NETGEAR® ProSAFE M6100 Animated Video

Posted 4/2/15 by Ryan Lindner

The Featured Product

Maintaining a resilient IT network is a constant challenge. As user demands increase, your organization’s IT infrastructure can start to buckle under the pressure.

But now, NETGEAR has taken the next step in chassis switch evolution.

The NETGEAR ProSAFE M6100 Switch Series is a high-quality, high-density chassis alternative to stackable switches for midsize enterprise edge and SMB core deployments.

5 Things to Consider Before Creating Your Explainer Video

Posted 4/2/15 by Sara Narducci
5 Things to know for Explainer Video Production

5 Things to know for Explainer Video Production

Every explainer video has an objective.  One of the most sought after is – satisfaction.  So how do clients receive the satisfaction they deserve when creating their explainer video?  Your production company can lead you in the right direction, but here are 5 things your team should consider before you start creating an explainer video.

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