Visyond | Animated Explainer Video

Posted 12/16/14 by Sara Narducci recently wrapped production on a video for Who are they? What do they offer? Watch the animated video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below .

Who Is

Posted 10/13/14 by Sara Narducci

We are a small production company composed of explosive creativity! builds handcrafted animated explainer videos tailored to your business. These supercharged videos explain your company in 90 seconds – driving leads and increasing sales.

HAKA Products Animated Video

Posted 10/13/14 by Kenny Simpson

Client Profile
Haka Products create software that helps fill communication gaps in your sales pipeline – meaning every department from product development to customer service are are on the same page.

Animated Video Nighthawk™ X4 by NETGEAR®

Posted 10/2/14 by Sara Narducci

Our creative team at recently finished production on yet another animated video for the launch of the NETGEAR Nighthawk  X4 Wi-Fi Router.

This is our 6th animated explainer video for NETGEAR!

Why should you choose

Posted 8/25/14 by Sara Narducci

It’s more than “Cause we’re awesome!”- it’s also because we are a talented creative team that is sure to craft an animated explainer video that will become an invaluable business tool. But yeah…it’s also because we’re awesome.

DX3 Canada Animated Video Production Service

Posted 7/1/14 by Sara Narducci
DX3 Canada Video Production

DX3 Canada Video Production

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show that focus’s on digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing.  Contact our creative team at Explanatory for a DX3 animated video production.

Animated Corporate Style Video Jenzabar Higher Reach

Posted 7/1/14 by Sara Narducci has done it again!  We just completed our 3rd explainer video for Jenzabar.  The fact that companies, like Jenzabar, keep coming back to for another video shows that they see the value and return of an explainer video.  This particular video was done in an animated corporate style.  When creating videos for companies we always take into consideration their style requests.  Why?  Because they know best which market they need to target.  Check out the video below to see a great example of a corporate style video.

NETGEAR Nighthawk™ X6 Animated Video Production

Posted 6/25/14 by Sara Narducci

Our creative team at Explanatory just completed two animated video productions for the NETGEAR Nighthawk™ X6 AC3200 Smart WiFi Router.  This is now our 5th video for NETGEAR! Their technology keeps growing and we are are so happy to work with them and craft the videos they deserve for their products.  Check out the 3d animated trailer above or watch the full explainer video of the product further below!

CES Animation Service and Video Production

Posted 6/3/14 by Sara Narducci

Although the next CES (Consumer Electronics Event) is nearly a year away – NOW is the time to think about an explainer video for this exceedingly popular event!  Explainer videos can take 6-8 weeks for productions so don’t delay.  The event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9th 2015. Explanatory is your CES animation and video production source!

Why Color Brand Marketing is so Important for an Explainer Video

Posted 6/3/14 by Sara Narducci
Color Brand Marketing

Color Brand Marketing

Color brand marketing is an important consideration to any explainer video.  When a client contacts Explanatory for an explainer video we use careful consideration to their existing brand.  For example, does the client already have an existing character or in this case, an existing website?  Usually our clients do have an existing website in which case we will refer to it during the creative process.  This allows us to determine which colors to use when crafting the explainer video.    Why is color brand marketing so important for a video animation production?  Keep reading, I will break down the color brand marketing mystery.

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