Case Study | NETGEAR® ProSAFE M6100 Animated Video

Posted 4/2/15 by Ryan Lindner

The Featured Product

Maintaining a resilient IT network is a constant challenge. As user demands increase, your organization’s IT infrastructure can start to buckle under the pressure.

But now, NETGEAR has taken the next step in chassis switch evolution.

The NETGEAR ProSAFE M6100 Switch Series is a high-quality, high-density chassis alternative to stackable switches for midsize enterprise edge and SMB core deployments.

5 Things to Consider Before Creating Your Explainer Video

Posted 4/2/15 by Sara Narducci
5 Things to know for Explainer Video Production

5 Things to know for Explainer Video Production

Every explainer video has an objective.  One of the most sought after is – satisfaction.  So how do clients receive the satisfaction they deserve when creating their explainer video?  Your production company can lead you in the right direction, but here are 5 things your team should consider before you start creating an explainer video.

University of Phoenix® Animated Video

Posted 3/1/15 by Sara Narducci

What’s better then 1 video for the University of Phoenix??  You guessed it…5 animated videos for the University of Phoenix!  Our creative team here at has been hard at work crafting these great animations.

Numberfire Video Animation

Posted 2/10/15 by Ryan Lindner

The Project
“What is”

That was the question that numberFire wanted to answer. They have a game-changing sports analytics platform that can put sports fans ahead of the field, but needed a way to get that message across to potential users.

Why Craft an Explainer Video Ad for Facebook?

Posted 2/10/15 by Sara Narducci
Facebook and Video

Facebook and Video

Social media is growing and so is the need for explainer videos.  If your company uses the social media outlet of Facebook, you may be noticing a growing number of auto-play videos.  Why craft an explainer video ad for Facebook?  Because video ads are a part of social networks next big move!  Do not miss this opportunity to increase engagement and sales

Animated Video | Minervini Private Access

Posted 2/10/15 by Sara Narducci

ExplanatoryVideos.Com recently wrapped production on a video for Minervini Private Access (MPA).  This service, spearheaded by Market Wizard, Mark Minervini helps investors win big and earn while they learn!  Check out the animated explainer video below!

Visyond | Animated Explainer Video

Posted 12/16/14 by Sara Narducci recently wrapped production on a video for Who are they? What do they offer? Watch the animated video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below .

Who Is

Posted 10/13/14 by Sara Narducci

We are a small production company composed of explosive creativity! builds handcrafted animated explainer videos tailored to your business. These supercharged videos explain your company in 90 seconds – driving leads and increasing sales.

HAKA Products Animated Video

Posted 10/13/14 by Kenny Simpson

Client Profile
Haka Products create software that helps fill communication gaps in your sales pipeline – meaning every department from product development to customer service are are on the same page.

Animated Video Nighthawk™ X4 by NETGEAR®

Posted 10/2/14 by Sara Narducci

Our creative team at recently finished production on yet another animated video for the launch of the NETGEAR Nighthawk  X4 Wi-Fi Router.

This is our 6th animated explainer video for NETGEAR!

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