Speaker Sizzle Reels

Posted 11/1/16 by Sara Narducci

Our creative team recently produced a “speaker sizzle reel” for Bryan Kramer – one of the “world’s foremost leaders in the art and science of sharing.”  Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Twitter And Video Marketing

Posted 8/6/16 by Ryan Lindner
Twitter and Video Marketing

Twitter and Video Marketing

Ever since the first spellbound audience gazed  at moving pictures coming to life, we have been captivated by the power of video. Combining images and sound grabs our attention and touches our hearts in a unique way, as can be seen by the open mouthed toddler unable to tear himself away from the television or the thousands who flock to theaters and cinemas  for an opening night show.

AVAST Antivirus | Animated Video

Posted 5/16/16 by Sara Narducci

Introducing our newest animated explainer video for…AVAST!® Antivirus Software.

Our team of professional and experienced artists had a great time partnering with AVAST during the animation process!

RightSide Animated Video

Posted 5/16/16 by Sara Narducci

Check out our latest animated video for RightSide.Co

Upload Your 60 Second Explainer Video to Instagram!

Posted 3/29/16 by Sara Narducci
Intstagram Video Now 60 seconds long!

Instagram Video Now 60 seconds long!

Coming soon users can upload their 60 second explainer video to Instagram!  Instagram announced plans to increase the length of uploaded videos to 60 seconds!  This will gives users an outstanding marketing opportunity!

Explanatory Videos Wins 3 Telly Awards!

Posted 3/27/16 by Sara Narducci
Explanatory Videos wins 3 Telly Awards

Explanatory Videos wins 3 Telly Awards

We consider all of our animated videos at Explanatory Videos as winners but this year we are celebrating a new win! Honoring film and video productions, the Telly Awards has named 3 of Jackson Financial’s animated Explanatory Video WINNERS!  

All 3 videos where produced by our excellent creative team at Explanatory Videos!  We are honored and excited to be part of the Telly Award family!

Operation Smile | New Animated Video

Posted 1/14/16 by Sara Narducci

One of my proudest moments as an ExplanatoryVideos Producer was when our team partnered with Operation Smile’s team and created this informative, passionate, and caring video for viewers all over the world…check it out!

BEST BUY and Explanatory Videos.com TEAM UP!

Posted 1/1/16 by Sara Narducci
Best Buy and Explanatory Videos.com

Best Buy and Explanatory Videos.com

Our team was very excited to team up with the worlds leading electronic retailer BEST BUY® & our good friends at NETGEAR® to create in-store video marketing solutions! These videos will be played at over 1000 BEST BUY retail stores located in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

NETGEAR® Nighthawk® X8 (AC5300) WiFi Router| Animated Video

Posted 10/22/15 by Sara Narducci


Check out our latest animated video for NETGEAR’s “next wave in wifi”, the NETGEAR Nighthawk x8 AC5300 Smart WiFi Router.

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory Videos

Posted 9/8/15 by Sara Narducci

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory Videos.com

Call To Action Conference and Explanatory Videos.com

Get actionable marketing insights from the world’s leading optimization experts.  Get your tickets for this event here!

This awesome networking event promises to have 25+ world-class marketing experts on-site to teach lessons about conversion rate optimization, copywriting, growth, design, email, PPC, lead GEN, and high-converting landing page campaigns.  With a great line up of speakers and any-thing-but-boring sessions, participants will be ready to hit the ground running with On-Line Marketing!

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