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Posted 4/16/14 by Sara Narducci recently finished an explainer video for  The video was done in an animated style.  As with any script for a video we identify the problem and explain the solution when explaining a product.   By creating a script this way, we allow the viewer to understand and relate with the solution.  It’s always our goal that after watching the video the viewer will understand how the service will benefit the company.  Check out the video below.

Animated Video Production Service for Apple’s iAd Workbench

Posted 4/14/14 by Sara Narducci
Video Production Service for iAd

Video Production Service for iAd

On April 1, news hit the wire that ANY Apple user can  now create an ad campaign using its iAd Workbench, a mobile advertising tool.  It is a great marketing opportunity for your product or service.  Our team at can create an animated video production to be published with iAd Workbench.

Netgear Smart WiFi Router AC1200- Model EX6200 / New Animated Explainer Video

Posted 3/25/14 by Sara Narducci recently finished production on their 3rd animated explainer video with Netgear to explain their newest Netgear Router, the Smart WiFi Router, AC1200 (EX6200).  Our Creative Producer, Kenny Simpson headed up the project with Netgear.  Kenny says, “As with every explainer video, our goal is to explain the product with efficiency and charisma.  To draw users in and leave them feeling that they understand the benefits of the product.”   Check out the video above and let us know what you think of’s new product and how the animated explainer video left you feeling. Corporate Animated Video Production

Posted 3/17/14 by Sara Narducci

Our team at is extremely happy to have our clients return for a second explainer video and that’s just what did!  Recently, we finished production on a animated style video for and happily went to work with them again to produce a corporate style video for their product. They offer their customers a natural kidney cleanse, promising a safe and effective kidney stone solution by way of an all-natural product with proven ingredients shown to eliminate all kidney stone types and fast effective relief.

DreamForce 2014 | Video Production and Animation Service

Posted 3/10/14 by Ryan Lindner

Dreamforce 2014 promises to be bigger and better then ever!  Pre-register here for the event to be held on October 13-16, 2014 / San Francisco, CA.  Passes are available for a limited-time offer of only $799 but act quickly as that offer expires on March 12th.

Explanatory Videos Team and the Video Marketing Experts

Posted 3/4/14 by Sara Narducci

Our production and marketing team at recently hit the studio to put our mouth where our words are!  After all, that’s what we do – right?  We produce videos to explain your product…so why wouldn’t we do the same for our customers?  Let’s face it,  we can’t be serious all the time – half of creativity is expression and our team is full of expression which holds its weight to our creative mojo! / New Animated Explainer Video

Posted 2/24/14 by Sara Narducci recently finished production on an animated explainer video for

Cisco Live 2014 Animated Video Production Service

Posted 1/30/14 by Sara Narducci

Are you looking forward to upcoming 2014 Cisco Live event in San Francisco? With an outstanding turn out for both on-site and web-broadcast this years events will surely prove successful and informing to an array of IT professionals worldwide. Why not create an animated explainer video for your company or of your product for the event?  

New Animated Explainer Video –

Posted 1/30/14 by Sara Narducci recently finished production on an animated explainer video for | New Animated Explainer Video

Posted 1/27/14 by Sara Narducci

Calling all techies!  When we met with the team at 4Virtuals they had a good idea as to what kind of video they wanted.  They knew they wanted an animated explainer video and so we rolled with it.  We animated two characters that showcase through the video to explain the product offered by 4Virtuals.  Check out latest animated explainer video for!

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