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Posted 7/15/13 by Ryan Lindner


This post is now updated with a new video at the link below:


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{Check out this article on Online Video Marketing where you can find a uploaded 15 second Movie Trailer of the New Movie “Jobs” staring Ashton Kutcher on Instagram!. This is an official movie trailer uploaded by the movie studio and its only a taste of things to come. It looks like Instagram has given the ability to upload prerecorded video to some…but not to us commoners. Well for now we will just have to use this hack so watch the video carefully!}

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Watch the Video Above

Instagram’s new ability to record video on the fly  and upload to your picture feed is a really great feature for any business. However, as a business wouldn’t it be great if you could upload a pre-recorded, edited, polished, and  professional video to your Instragram account. At the moment Instagram only allows on the fly recordings, which is not optimal for the video marketer.  Think about it..if it was possible…. you could upload your made for t.v. ads, testimonials, movie trailers, explainer videos, your newest product presentation, all to the enormously huge audience that is Instagram.  You would also have an advantage over your competitors. So what is the solution (and or hack) to get your external and saved videos onto the Instagram platform. Read below for instructions and watch the newly updated video tutorial.

The first step is that we want to prepare the video we have so that it will work on Instagram. To do this I will us adobe after effects to get the correct format and look for our video. Lets take for example a TV ad that you might have in a normal quicktime format. This video will have to be resized in After Effects

to 640×480 and a quicktime .mov file with a codec of H.264, Audio set to Mono and at 44100 HZ. The Frame rate will be 29.96 frames per second. The bit rate we output our video to should be no more than 3,550. Also remember the video can be no more than 16 seconds long.

To ouput the video we will use the same settings that you see in this image below:

Output Settings for Instagram Video

If your using an iPhone:

1)First make sure you phone is in airplane mode.
2)Then Open instagram, tap on the video icon and record anything for about 16 seconds.
3)Click to “Share” the video. Instagram will try to upload but because your in Airplane mode this will not work at all. (Thats what we want 🙂 )
4)Now use a program on your mac or pc that can see the actuall files on our iPhone. For example, iFunBox or iFile.

iFunBox will let you navigate to the Instagram Video folder on your iPhone

iFunBox will let you navigate to the Instagram Video folder on your iPhone

Find the application folder on your iphone. Then go to: Instagram/ library /application support / instagram/ videos…There will be one files there (.MOV.locked)

iFun Box User Applications to Instagram Video

iFun Box User Applications to Instagram Video

5) The file we are going to replace is the “MOV.locked” file. We want to swap this file out with the file we made in After Effects.

6)The file we made from after Effects will add a “.locked” after the “.Mov”

7)You need to make sure the filename ends in .locked and doesn’t have an invisible .mov at the end. To do this use the finder to get file info (⌘i) and rename the end of the file there to make sure it end in the original .mov.locked

8)Now replace your file with the one in the instagram video folder.

9)Finally Turn off airplane mode and resume the upload of your video. And remember this hack will not change your original thumbnail for the video.

If your looking to upload video to Pinterest, check out the link here for some great tips.

And always remember the video you upload will only be as good as the time you put into making it. What this means is that most of if not all the video you would want to put on instagram is not created in the acpect ratio of Instagram nor is it ment to be a complete video at 16 seconds. So it is well worth it to take the time and create original content for your Instagram page or modify your existing branding and video marketing efforts solely for this Instagram use.

What are your thoughts on the new video feature for Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan Lindner

by Ryan Lindner
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256 Responses to “How to Upload Prerecorded Video to Instagram on the iPhone | Explainer Video Production”

  1. Mike says:

    It might be my bad english, but i don’t get step 5 & 6 :/

    “Now Go to var/mobile/media/DCIM” where is that destination?

    Otherwise this tutorial looks really good!!!
    But please can you help me to understand?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Hey Mike thanks! Yes the file directory I have here is just where I keep my custom videos on my personal computer. So this directory could be anything on your home computer. Sorry about that! Let me know how it works out.

  2. Sunny says:

    This didn’t work 🙁

    I saved the video in Instagram/ library /application support / instagram/ videos but it did not show up in instagram. Can you please assist

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      You are replacing the video that instagram made with the same file name of the video on your computer. So it should appear as the same file. The thumbnail of your video on instagram will be the old video thumbnail but when you play the video it will be the new video you just uploaded.

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      You have to take the iphone Out of airplane mode first and then resume the upload to instagram.

  3. Guy says:

    You need to be FAR more descriptive in your step by step. It’s not working. If you cold make a video shooting over your shoulder on your screen doing this with iFunBox it’d be extremely helpful.

  4. DJ Luis says:

    The thing about seeing 2 files named the same, I see that if the phone isn’t in airplane mode and I’ve yet to Share the video, but with your instructions, you don’t get 2 files with the same name, it’s about 4 files and are all named completely different.

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Open ifunbox first and delete everything in that folder so that it is empty. Then put your phone in airplane mode and record a video. You will see there are two files there with different numbered names. Do not replace the 0byte one. only replace the one that is about 2 to 5mb in size. Hope that helps!

  5. julian says:

    what if you dont have adobe after effect

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      You can use other software that can edit video. It just needs to have options to output the video in the correct codec. For example iMovie might work, or an editing program that outputs in quicktime etc..

  6. Ben Spencer says:

    Awesome this worked for me!

  7. Sarahh says:

    Is there a way you can make a video of this?

  8. Candygirl says:

    This can only be done on a Mac…correct? I’m stuck on number 7. I’m using Quicktime Pro. iExplorer, Windows. How can I rename the file without “the finder”

    You need to make sure the filename ends in .locked and doesn’t have an
    invisible .mov at the end. To do this use the finder to get file info
    (⌘i) and rename the end of the file there to make sure it end in the
    original .mov.locked

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      This will work on pc also. Check out the updated video

      • Candygirl says:

        I watched the video but I still can’t figure out how to find “the finder” I am new to all this. I used Google for more info on finding the finder but didn’t have any luck. Not even on Apple. Only thing I found was how to locate the finder on Mac.

        • Ryan Lindner says:

          If you look on your computer and open any folder to see what is there you are using the “finder”. The “finder window” is just that a way to see the files (or find files) on your computer nothing more serious than that. The same is on a PC but a PC its called the Explorer Window.

          • Candygirl says:

            Ok this the part where I’m confused. How do I make sure there isnt an invisible .mov at the end? This is what I did, rename the video and dragged it to the insta folder thinking that it was going to replace the other video. That didn’t work. Of course I have no idea what to do. I’m stuck on #7

            *******You need to make sure the filename ends in .locked and doesn’t have an
            invisible .mov at the end. To do this use the finder to get file info
            (⌘i) and rename the end of the file there to make sure it end in the
            original .mov.locked****

          • Candygirl says:

            It worked for me but the quality sucks

          • Ryan Lindner says:

            To improve quality make sure the original file you need to compress is top notch or at full resolution. Otherwise, if the file you compress is already compressed to start with the final result will look bad.

          • Candygirl says:


      • Ace says:

        what is the link to the updated video?

  9. Julian says:

    Where can I download After effects for free ? Or can you provide a different software that does the same thing as after effects please

  10. Tom says:

    Hi, I greatly appreciate this tutorial and info. Keep up the good work. I would like you to keep us updated on whether or not you find the thumbnail hack as well. Please inform us if we can have the same thumb as the video we imported. Thanks.

  11. Vin says:

    Nice vid. but Can we change the thumbnail?or does it sill show the original one?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Yes for now it will still show the original thumbnail image. I’m working on an update now to fix that issue. Bookmark this website and google + the page so your notified on the update! In the meantime you could just record the thumbnail with instagram so that it will match your uploaded video.

  12. Princess Sparkle says:


  13. Güney Ylk says:

    Hey, awesome tutorial, got one issue….when I replace the files and then turn off the airplane mode and tap on the “try again upload” button it uploads to 90% and then shows up that it didnt work….any idea ?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Yes it should work fine. The problem you are having might be that your video file is not correct. Make sure that the bit rate, frame rate, codec, and audio is all correct. Also if your using AE make sure that the compression of the video file is less than 90%

  14. John Marston says:

    Thanks for the guide. I am going to try this out!

  15. Moniee says:

    I didn’t have the oddly named file. What did I do wrong?

  16. Aaron says:

    Pretty sure im lost, I finished my edited file on after effects. Only thing is that once I was done editing the clip I couldn’t find the updated edited file anywhere..btw im using a PC mot a mac

  17. BeckyM says:

    Finally a Good Post and video about how to do this! Thanks for this!

  18. This was great! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  19. Vin says:

    Bro, any luck with fixing thumbnail?

  20. Deena says:

    Great tutorial! My question is when you get to the iphone, how do you re-upload it?

  21. tonny says:

    does your iphone or ipad have to be connected to your computer?

  22. mt says:

    if i have a video taken from my iphone do i just have to rename the file or do i have to change the setting too?

  23. Brandi says:

    Is there any way to upload a Vine video like this?

  24. Thai Nguyen says:

    i cant rename the file in iexplorer for windows in the instagram folder..

  25. alex_aaa789 says:

    does this work with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0?

  26. gabriella says:

    im lost 🙁 is there any other program like after affects?

  27. Sonny says:

    Hey great video! Will it still work if I shot something in 24p instead of 30p? Thanks!

  28. Alex says:

    Hi, when I go to Format Options, I do not have a “Video Codec” section like you do.. what do I do about that?

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  30. Krissy says:

    Any updates on how to change the thumbnail? 🙂 Other then that, excellent video!

  31. linn says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  32. Jazmynn says:

    it didn’t work for me.. once i took it off airplane mode & to upload it, it wouldn’t work..

  33. Candygirl says:

    Nice! how did u figure out the thumbnail?

  34. ben says:

    did u get the thubnail to change

  35. John says:

    I’m using the program Super to change the formats and its asking me for an Aspect, what do I put for it?

  36. Kam says:

    My thumbnail makes the people think I’m capturing a video on my laptop.

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      We are woking on the thumbnail hack now. If you would like you can… “like” our facebook page so that you will know right away when the new hack is posted here.

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  38. QuestionsBeforeActions says:

    Are there any other programs besides After Effects and Quicktime Pro that will change the settings of the video? I have Final Cut Pro, but can’t figure out how to change the settings with it.

  39. Diamond233 says:


  40. banessa says:

    i need help i’m on a windows 8 computer where do i copy the file to?

  41. Lili says:

    Hey, how can I see the video output on windows? And how do I change the .mov to a .locked file so that it isn’t a normal mov file anymore? Because everytime I try to rename my to .locked it’s still a quicktime video. Please help !! 🙂

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Download VLC Player for free. You can find it with a google search. Your file naming issue is because the file extension is hidden. Search google for “how to change file extension on windows” Also Please “Like” or facebook page so you will have the latest updates.

  42. Jayson says:


    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Yes for the thumbnail issue this is an additional hack. “like” our facebook page so that you will know right away when the new hack is posted here.

  43. julian says:

    everytime i save the new video with the same settings and put .locked at the end it still shows up as a quicktime video not locked im using the program SUPER by erightsoftware help please !!

  44. Joseph says:

    I’ve done everything correctly, but when I try to change the file back to a .locked it still stays as a .mov file. What’s up with this? I’m on a Mac. Thanks in advance.

  45. Vanessa says:

    How do I upload a video that failed to post to instagram? It’s already in the size needed it just didn’t upload.
    Ps – I have a windows laptop. No mac, just iPhone.

  46. Andrew says:

    When I put the video that I want on After Effects it only shows me half of it, it doesn’t let me scale it or anything? Anyway I could fix this?

  47. J Claud says:

    I have heard of people getting their account banned/deleted for doing this. has anyone else experienced the same thing?

  48. ANTHONEY says:


  49. Franky says:

    How do I save the file I changed on after effects??

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      You need to go to the top file bar and choose “Composition” >”Add to Render Que”> Then go to “Output Settings” you should save the file to your desktop

  50. Ben says:

    Thumbnail hack tonight, maybe?

  51. Neo So Wavy says:

    Great article!! One question tho… can the video from the computer be shorter (time) than the original video ? for example.. if i record a video for 15 seconds.. can i replace it with one thats 9 seconds long ?

  52. Ben says:

    Okay let me ask this then, does the thumbnail work for android

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      The issue is the same on iphone or android. You can “like” our facebook page so that you will be notified when we post the update on how to choose your thumbnail.

  53. kathy says:

    how do you do all of this instead of using after effects? my computer doesn’t support it. is there any way else maybe by using imovie?

  54. Janet Lin says:

    does it have to be 16 seconds can it be like 6

  55. Alex says:

    i got up to 6:20 where you say go back to the finder window and delete the old file. i have no idea what the “finder window” is

  56. Janet Lin says:

    im using super right now but im so confused on the birtrate kps part and teverything and how do i save it

  57. Jason says:


  58. Renzi28 says:

    Hi, PopstopTV

    Please share how you solved the thumbnail replacement issue. Thanks in advance!

  59. Ignazio says:

    Thanks a lot! Works just fine! Pity for the tumbnail, but I’m sure the hack will come soon. Just uploader this video on IG, let me know if you like it 🙂

  60. Ben says:

    PopStoptv nobody likes a braggard. Please tell us your method on you got the thumb to change, ifunbox, instachooser, did u swap out a .buffer file in the video folder?

  61. Tim says:

    When I try to play the quicktime file after deleting “.locked” it says that the movie file format isn’t recognized… I can’t even transfer it into after effects.. any suggestions?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      The file should end in .mov when you bring it to after affects. Your OS might be hiding your true file name from you. Search on Google for “how to change my file extension”

  62. Jonathan says:

    Is there another program that I can use instead of after effects ?! I’m finding it hard to download it

  63. staci says:

    im getting really frustrated! everything is good until i dont know weither or not to save the document manually after you’ve changed all the video and audio settings. i do every step even though i dont know if this video/file automatically saves itself. after adjusting everything, i go to finder and i change it back to .locked and then delete the old video off iFunbox and then drag the new video onto iFunbox. at the end of the file it automatically changes to (i am not sure if thats supposed to happen). but i go to add it to instagram and it will not let me add the video. what am i doing wrong? lol

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Your true file name might be hidden from you on your OS. Search google for “How to change a file extension name” And please “like” us on facebook for updates!

  64. Victoria says:

    Did I do something wrong? I know the thumbnail is supposed to stay, but when I uploaded it stayed for the entire 16 seconds and only the audio came through. Help please! Thanks in advance 🙂

  65. jenita says:

    its too hard :

  66. misterlung says:

    hey what’s the deal with it leaving a
    it doesn’t ask me if i want to make it locked or anything. also when i go to hit the refresh to upload nothing happens. HALP! thanks in advance…

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      The file extension should only be “” with no extra “.mov” Also your OS might be hiding the true file name from you. Search on google”how to change a file extension name”

      • misterlung says:

        Hey Thanks! So now my issue is with uploading. I go to re-upload and hit the re-fresh button but nothing does it. I did it once and it worked, but that was when I accidentally switched out of airplane mode and then back into it. Now I can’t remember when I switched it.

        Thanks again.

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      There is a new update today on Instagram that fix’s this

  67. Dre says:

    Can someone upload a video for me I don’t feel like doing this lol. email if you’re serious about helping me out

  68. motionadkt says:

    I feel like I am following every direction here to a T and I keep ending up with a 16 second thumbnail video instead of the file im swapping for. Im replacing the video file 100 percent but im still seeing it after the failed upload? What am i doing wrong

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Try deleting the unneeded files and then putting the good file in a new folder to hold it there before you add it back to the instagram folder.

      • Hamad says:

        Hi Ryan, Great Tutorial
        I’m having the same issue. tried deleting the original instagram file .locked from my iphone and then replaced it with my own file with the exact same name. still no luck. it just upload the thumbnail video and not my premade video. please help

  69. A says:

    Any suggestions on other applications we can use other than After Effects or iMovie? I’m using a PC. Will Movie Maker work? Thanks!

  70. Mimi says:

    After tweaking all the setting at 6:40, do we click save or render and whatnot? That’s the part where I’m lost. Does it save automatically or something?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      You need to render the file. In the menu bar you go to >Compostion>Add to render que> In the render panel set the output settings to your desktop and click render

  71. Pilot NYC says:

    When i try to edit the video on a Mac running AE CS6, i have problems with teh output of the video. When i try to have the format in H.264 the video is mp4 and not MOV. when i try to render it as a Quicktime file with MOV, i get errors on IG. It’ll be really nice if you could update the images and show the actual settins with screenshots. thanks bud

  72. Kirralee says:

    post the adobe after effects link?!?!

  73. Nasser Ali says:

    What is the name of the program that you used in the amendment to the video?

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    when i click on the lossless output module seetting, it doesnt say quick time, it says AVI. and my video is .mov. what do i do?

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    Is this possible using Final Cut Pro

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  78. Samantha Casaol says:

    thing else besides after effects???

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    my friend, ive upload several videos using this method, thank you so much for explaining us.. now i ahve one quesion… every video i uploaded came with thi thumbnail preview. please help me

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    what if you dont have after effect is there another way to do it?

  81. D-WIN ® says:

    dope as fukk

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    Thanks bro worked for me!!!!!!!!!!

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    Film at least 1 second of the video you want on Pause, than stop, and film black for the rest of the 15 seconds…. well that’s what I did.

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    ****thumbnail fIx anyone? willing to pay though paypal******

  88. Michelle says:

    Love the post! I thank you very much for the help, how long of a wait until the thumbnail issue is fixed?? Filming from the computer screen to make a thumbnail makes the video kind of sketchy,I’m following you guys on facebook. Looking forward to see a fix 🙂

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    Hi Ryan,
    Great tutorial!! I’m following you on Facebook and G+ 🙂
    Can you tell me which program to use if I’m still a Windows user? 🙂
    Regards and congrats again for the website!

  90. Emily says:

    ok thanks about the quicktime thing now it is ok… now i have another problem.. have a video that is 406×720 and I tried for days to change the size and I couldn’t. I make the compositon to 640×640 and I make the video to be 640×640 but it still doesn’t work! Please help me with that i’m stuck with that for days

  91. Milena Milano says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. The only other problem I find is how do we change the cover frame?

  92. darryl says:

    Tried it numerous time no go, when i turn off airplane mode and attempt to upload. I refreshed and it doesnt work. I made video settings same as the one i got from instagram in IFUN due to the fact the settings were different from yours. You also have two sets of instructions, one says turn on airplane before u start and another when u reach share screen. Tried both. What can you recommend?

  93. noecuhh says:

    I have Adobe Premiere cs5 for windows, I can crop the video perfectly but i just noticed it doesn’t save as mov it saves as mp4. How do i change that? It uploads to instagram but really funny zoomed out and centered, nothing like the file on my laptop.

  94. sb says:

    im stuck!
    does After Effects automatically save the file were changing the settings to?

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  96. Kate Goldsmith says:

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    Hi I just got here googling, checked out the tip and uploaded the video, and what about the Thumbnail, have it been fixed already?! THANKS ANYWAY!

  98. Alex says:

    on a PC don’t have h.264 on the drop down menu

  99. Rosa says:

    How long will it take for you guys to get the thumbnail hack going? My god

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Sorry Rosa,Instagram keeps changing its protocol. We will have this updated video uploaded soon. Please “like” us on facebook or Google plus so that you will be notified as soon as its uploaded.

      • Rosa says:

        The jailbreak users have an app called instachooser where you can upload prerecorded videos onto instagram no problem. You think you could take that idea and run with that? or maybe change any settings before you share the video , like replace any file using ifunbox? Or figure out a way to put an IMAGE of the custom video as it’s thumbnail ?

    • Ryan Lindner says:

      Hi Rosa, Instagram had an update today so that you can upload video from your camera roll. So that will work now with out a hack. Thumbnail and all!

      • natos says:

        hey i have a pre recorded video i took from my computer and its in ivideo how do i upload that to instagram

  100. tariksykes says:

    THUMBNAIL FIX: Just make your video shooting something that is same as ur video your importing. If it’s a promo video just shoot the logo of the promo from video.

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    Please help me @ryanlindner:disqus! I have a windows 7 laptop. I typed in locked on the file but I didnt lock? how do I lock it?

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    Even with the new update when i post saved videos from my cameral roll the sound quality sounds robotic…is there a way to prevent that?

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    Now we need an explanation on how to export a compatible video from after effects that will save to the camera roll 🙂

  110. Cuong says:

    I’ve tried the tutorial but to no success. When in Ifunbox I find the video located in the “uploads” folder rather than the videos folder. The video is labeled .mov and not locked as well. I’m thinking this is the step I am having issues with. Any tips?

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    There have always been rather inconvenient ways of uploading pre-recorded video (for example ), but version the 4.1 version of the app allows uploading existing/…

  113. @dtrean says:

    So with the new instagram update can we put a video from our computer onto our phone and upload it to instagram? Does it still have to be formatted in the same way that you format with the hack? Im afraid to update in case the answer is no and in case the hack method doesn’t work with the new update… Would the hack method work with the new updated Instagram? Thanks!

  114. Dru Major says:

    How can I get pre-recorded video to my iPhone camera roll thn on to my iG…thanks in advance

  115. Jennifer says:

    Is it possible to use a FREE program to make the video changes (aka not AfterEffects)?

  116. autumn says:

    Can you post videos that are already saved to your camera roll?

  117. autumn says:

    K den.

  118. Latrasha says:

    Hi Ryan I’m having a terrible time with Instagram and video. I want to put in the end of a 27 minute video however when I crop it to be the 14-16 seconds I will either click the play button or share button and my app will freeze and do nothing. It really frustrating because nobody else seems to have this problem and I don’t know if I need to wait for the next update or not? Please please help!?

    Btw I’m doing this on an iPhone five

  119. Leah says:

    Hi Ryan! Great tutorial! I’m looking to shoot something on a 5D camera for a friend’s start-up business and then edit it in Final Cut Pro to the format you specified so that I can upload it to Instagram. Do you know once we edit it in FCP what the work flow would be to get it up to Instagram from there? I want to be able to post from my iPhone if possible, and i’m assuming I can email the .mov file we create in FCP to an iPhone and then upload it to Instagram from my camera roll? Or is it better to trick the phone using I Fun Box as you orginally suggested?

    ((And if you think I Fun Box is best, I downloaded I Fun Box on my Mac but I can’t seem to figure out how to access my iPhone from my Mac!!! My iPhone is plugged in but doesn’t appear on IFunBox.)

    Thanks you so so much!


  120. Amaya says:

    ain’t nobody got time for this !

  121. Quint says:

    Thank you very much!!! One slight change… when uploading the video from an iOS device, the .mov file can be found in the Application Support/Instagram/Uploads/ folder. And there isn’t a “.locked” file to deal with anymore. Just replace (following your other helpful instructions) the one that’s in the Uploads folder and it works perfectly. Thanks, again!!

  122. Cookie says:

    I have question✋if you are watching a video on your iphone and u want to record it do u just hold down the power button and home? Like u would for a screen shot?

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  125. Marco says:

    I follow your tutorial with my iPad but I can’t see the file .locked. Anyway after all the process when I try to publish de photo not work! 🙁

  126. Marco says:

    Hello! right now ok! but only a questione. The first frame is the old video why?

  127. Ouederni Amina says:

    i can’t find the video :/ on the library , i kep following the instructions but nothing had changed :// can u help me plz

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